Year One Donaldson

Year One Donaldson 2023-2024

Autumn One

September - December 2023

Julia Donaldson

Our class has been named after the wonderful Julia Donaldson and we will be diving into some of her timeless works, such as ‘Room on a Broom’ and ‘Everywhere Bear.’ We will even have a class bear that the children can take home each week.

Our Class Author

English - Autumn One

Everywhere Bear

  • Write and perform a poem
  • To write an invitation
  • To write a letter
  • To write descriptive sentences
  • Retell a story

Maths - Autumn One

Place Value

Adding and Subtracting

Science - Autumn One

Animals Including Humans

We will be looking at senses, parts of the body, health and diet.

  • Can you label the ear, shoulder and wrist?
  • Do all animals have the same senses as humans?

These are just some parts we will be discovering.

History - Autumn One

How different or similar is your childhood to that of your parents/grandparents.

  • What is my life like?
  • What was my parents/grandparents life like?
  • Traditional vs modern stories
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