The Headteacher and Deputy Head lead the school; they are assisted and supported by senior teachers who form part of the Leadership Team.  In addition to this, most members of staff have responsibility for leading teaching and learning in an area of the curriculum or an area of school life. The school has a number of teaching assistants who work alongside teachers in the classroom to support learning.  All are well trained to support the needs of the children.


Mrs Sue Colley – Headteacher and DSL

Mr A. Malin – Deputy Headteacher and DSL

Mrs A. Gratton – Nursery (Inkpen) and DSL

Mrs H. Lloyd – Reeception (Mckee) and SENDCO

Mrs H. Chaouki – Year 1 (Donaldson)

Mrs N. Jasavala – Year 2 (Grey)

Mrs E. Nixon – Year 2 (Grey)

Ms M. Hambrier – Year 3 (Zephaniah)  & DSL

Miss R. Griffiths – Year 4 (Rauf)

Miss R. Forster – Year 5 (Morpurgo)

Miss P. Kaur – Year 6 (Thomas)

Ms K. Ashley-Binge





Mrs Y. Taylor – KS2

Mrs R. Tahir – KS2

Miss N. Goddard – KS2

Mrs P. Grewal – KS2

Mrs A. Zak – KS2

Ms T. Manlow – KS1

Mrs S. Sanchez – KS1

Mrs C. Brown – KS1

Ms J. Berry  – EY

Mrs H. Nandra – EY

Mrs L Sisodia – EY

Ms J. Walker – EY


Mrs K. Simon – Administrator/Bursar

Mrs A. Le Coultre – Admin/Welfare

Mrs B. Turska – Admin/Welfare

Mrs K. Tyler – Admin/Welfare

Mr J. Collis – Site Manager


Miss M. Barrett

Ms R. Carter

Mrs H. Farah

Mrs D. Fernandes

Mrs C. Mesquita

Mrs P. Simoes

Ms W. Zhang

Mrs B Patra


Mrs S. Sanchez

Mrs L Sisodia

Ms R. Carter

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