Nursery Inkpen

Nursery Inkpen 2023-2024

Autumn One

September - October 2023

Welcome to Spring Grove Nursery Song

Stay and Play

We welcomed our new Nursery pupils, parents and carers to our Stay and Play sessions where the children can explore their new surroundings and meet new friends.

Settling In

We were very brave and came in without our parents and carers this week.

Our First Week

We enjoyed our first full week at Nursery.


This week we have:

  • learnt to say goodbye to our parents and carers at the door
  • made new friends
  • learnt the names of our teachers and new friends
  • learnt the rules and routines of Nursery

Incey Wincey Spider

To know what up and down means

To explore the vocabulary up, down, spout, guttering

To know what spiders eat and how they catch their food.

To know about webs

To develop more fine motor control.

To join in with a Nursery rhyme

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