Nursery Home Learning-1

Nursery Home Learning

Today we have made a selection of videos to support your learning at home. We understand that you may not be able to watch and complete all the videos but we would like you to watch as many as possible please.


  1. Watch Mrs Berry’s video of her walk to the park. We know it is a rainy day but do try to get out for a listening walk. While out on your daily walk, try and listen out for the sounds in the environment and the sounds that we can make with our bodies.
    Listening to sounds in the environment helps to develop your child’s listening and attention and language skills.Encourage your child to hear the sounds “Can you hear that? I wonder where it has come from?”You could also encourage your child to mimic the sounds they hear “vroom vroom “ when they hear a car. If you are unable to be outside, you could explore sounds around your home.
    Share the sounds that you have found with us.
  2. Watch Mrs Gratton’s song video – the pets keep running away. Can you help her work out which pet has run away each time? You might need to pause the video and talk to your grown up before Mrs Gratton tells you!

Activity Time

  1. Can you make some playdough? We have attached a recipe. We would like you to make this with your grown-ups. Can you follow the instructions and tell them what to do? Can you see any numbers in the instructions? Which number can you see? Can you show these on your hands? Once you have made your playdough you might want to do some dough gym. Mrs Gratton made a video in lockdown with her children. Watch the video and join in with your playdough. If you do not have the ingredients for playdough please do not worry about this activity, maybe you have some shop bought playdough that you could use? The children could join in with making lunch instead!
  2. We have been learning about Diwali this week. Below is a link to cbbc where there are a couple of videos that you could explore with your child that explains Diwali more if you would like to

Story Time

  1. Miss Walker is reading you one of her favourite books. You have enjoyed listening to this in Nursery so we thought you might like to watch it at home too!

Song Time

  1. Mrs Berry is singing an alternative version of Humpty Dumpty, can you learn it too?
Three Small Pets


Story Time

Song Time

Dough Gym

Sound Walk

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