We Are Detectives!

At Spring Grove we provide all children will a high quality, exciting and engaging history education intended to help them understand the history of Britain and that of the wider world. We want our children to be historical detectives, inspired to question the past and how we have come to know about it. We encourage children to think critically about historical events and figures by studying a variety of sources and evidence, developing their own perspective and judgment.  We believe that through teaching history in a clear and coherent manor, Spring Grove children will leave our school with a chronological understanding of British history and beyond!

At Spring Grove we seek to inspire our children in history in a range of ways and through a variety of resources, often drawing on cross curricular links. The impact of this teaching can be seen in books and on display but more importantly, can be vocalized by the children.  Children enjoy learning about and engaging with history through trips, workshops, investigations, film making, drama and much more. We work to ensure that there is a clear progression in children’s subject knowledge, historical vocabulary and ability to scrutinize various sources which will be built upon until children leave at the end of year 6 and hopefully inspire historical thought throughout life.

Y2 Child:

“I liked The Great Fire of London Topic because we made newspapers. Newspapers told us about it. They used paintings to see what it looked like, they didn’t have electric things.”

Y3 Child:

“It’s more than just knowing stuff, you can also find out things about the world. Like, Ancient Greece is the same as Greece now and that is in Europe!”

Y6 Child:

“We have been learning about WW2 and have seen how warfare has really changed. In Anglo Saxon times weapons were made out of iron and brass but by the time of the Second World War they were using atomic bombs. It was also the first time that civilians were really hurt because of the development in aviation, before it was mainly the soldiers on the battlefield. “

Y4 Child:

“I’m learning new things each time I do history, like how the Egyptians kept the land fertile and also how they make paper. I love learning about facts.”

Y5 Child:

“We have used artifacts to learn about the past and it is interesting to see how things are different and what has kind of stayed the same. We went to King Henry’s palace, Hampton Court, and saw lots of artifacts that told us about his life.”

Visit   https://www.history.org.uk/ to find out more about history teaching and learning.

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