Reading Survey 2022 – Reception, KS1 & KS2

Parent Survey (Reception, KS1 & KS2) – Reading 2022

Parent Survey (Reception, KS1 & KS2) – Reading 2022

In which year group/s is/are your child/children?


Are you a confident reader in your first language?
Do you have books in your house?
Does your child see you or another adult reading in the home?
Does your child belong to a library?
My child loves reading
What is your child’s favourite thing to read?
An adult reads daily with my child at home
If no, why don’t you?

I am able to help my child with their phonics when reading
I understand phonics and its link to reading
Would you like to know more about phonics and how to help your child’s reading?
My child regularly brings books home from school
My child changes their free choice book regularly
My child enjoys the books he/she brings home
I talk to my child about the stories they are reading, the characters, the pictures etc and ask them questions, to check their understanding

Would you like workshops on how to support your child when reading?
Which Key Stage?
Are you aware we subscribe to Reading Eggs and Oxford Owl ‘for your child in KS1/lower KS2(Y3 and 4)?
Does your child use either of these regularly?
If your child does use it, do they enjoy it?

Has your child taken part in the Lexia programme while in our school?
Has your child taken part in RWI (Read, Write, Inc) phonic/phonic catch-up programme?
If yes, do you think it has helped their progress?
Do you use audio books to engage your child(ren) in reading?
Would you like to have a list of recommended books for your child’s year group/Key Stage to help you help them choose books more effectively?

Are you aware we run book clubs for children in Year 5 and 6?
Are you aware of reading clubs and reading buddies in school in which older children support younger children?

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