Bikeability Training for Year 6

We have arranged for cycle trainers to visit our school and provide an opportunity for children to participate on a Bikeability course during the week beginning 18th March 2024. Children must be able to ride and control a bike well to attend. Ideally children should supply their own bike and helmet, although we can supply a bike if need be (dependent on availability of bikes).

The training will take place from 18th March to 22nd March and your child needs to bring their bike and helmet into school during this week.

How do I book a place for my child?

Please visit
to complete your consent. Consent must be given by Tuesday 12th March 2024.

It is important for your child’s bike to be in a good roadworthy condition, and the right size for them to cycle comfortably. At the beginning of the first lesson the instructors will check the condition of the bike, and make minor adjustments if necessary. If the bike is in poor condition, and deemed to be unsafe to cycle, your child will not be permitted to continue the course (unless a replacement loan bike is available to use).

The training programme is progressive, and your child is expected to attend every day; the training session is usually 90 minutes daily. If a lesson is missed it is in the trainers discretion to accept your child on further lessons. The first days training enables children to demonstrate their bike handling skills; children who can demonstrate they can cycle confidently will be invited to progress on road for the subsequent sessions.

Attached is a guide to checking your child’s bike, and recommended clothing.

Bikeability is an important part of our program as an active healthy and sustainable school.

Bikeability Consent Form

BIKEABILITY 18th March to 22nd March

BIKEABILITY 18th March to 22nd March

Please complete the form to give consent for the Bikeability training

My child has a bike to use for the course
If your child does not have a suitable bicycle for training, you can borrow one from the training providers.
If my child comes with his/her own bike, I also understand that:
It is compulsory to wear a helmet to participate on the course. Exemption (circle) An exemption to the wearing of helmets can be granted if your child’s head wear prevents the fitting of a helmet. Please indicate if you wish for your child to be exempt from wearing a helmet.
Please tick one of the boxes below indicating whether your child will wear a cycle helmet on the cycle training course:

I agree that

  • - Where I supply a bicycle for my child I must make sure, it is roadworthy. If I am not sure about this, I should take it to a bike shop. The Instructor may make adjustments and repairs to my child's bike if the instructor believes that there is a problem.
  • - Cycling Instructor Ltd will not be held liable for any injury, which is established, may have been prevented or caused by the wearing or not of a helmet. The instructor will advise on the fit of a helmet, but will not necessarily be able to judge from its appearance if it is in good condition.
  • - I will tell Cycling Instructor Ltd about any medical condition my child has which may affect the training course.
  • -By the very nature of outdoor activities it may be necessary for staff to physically interact with children, eg, help fit helmets & hi-viz vests, to prevent a fall or administer first aid. This is in the interests of your child's safety.
  • -Having taken a cycling lesson does not mean that it is safe for my child to cycle or fix a bicycle in all circumstances. To become a proficient cyclist or mechanic takes more practice than
  • -Cycling Instructor Ltd is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage not caused by an instructor, or which happens outside these lessons, including journeys to and from school.
  • -My child may be photographed during this course and the image could be used in publicity for Cycling Instructor Ltd and the funding organisation.
  • -Cycling Instructor Ltd only holds data which you have provided. The data is required in case we need to contact you in the case of an emergency. We only provide statistical data to the council and TFL, who pay for this service, We do not send any personal data to these organisations. We hold your data for a year and then delete it.
  • -I should think about personal accident insurance for my child.
  • -Training takes place on road.
Parent/Guardian Consent

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