Nursery Additional Hours

Nursery Additional Hours

Please complete this form if you need additional hours of paid child care beyond the normal Nursery hours. The morning and after school care are provided by the Sunshine Club and other additional hours by are by the Nursery staff. We will confirm the availability of Sunshine Club places in September based on the COVID19 guidelines at the time.

Thank you.
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Sunshine Club

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We will not be able to offer Breakfast Club in the Autumn Term. This may change based on many factors, ie.COVID19 regulations, number of places needed etc. However please let us know if you would like to use the Morning sessions as and when we start these sessions.
Please choose the session/s you want *


Days you need child care
Morning Sessions (8am to 8.45am) *
Provided by Sunshine Club Pre-booked - £3.50 per session Drop Ins - £4:00 per session
Afternoon Sessions (3.45pm to 5.45pm) *
Provided by Sunshine Club Pre-booked - £7.50 per session Emergency - £8:00 per session
Additional Hour (2.45pm to 3.45pm) *
Provided by Nursery Staff £5:60 per session
Additional 3 hours per day (11.45pm to 2.45pm) *
£22.50 per session
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